Infographic: Top 15 Areas Employers Want Help From Brokers

July 19, 2017

Long gone are the days where brokers are merely the middlemen between companies and health plans. These days, many employers look to their brokers as trusted advisers and sources of information. They want to know about best practices, compliance with legal and regulatory issues, and more.

To deliver on these high expectations, brokers need to have a robust and well-rounded knowledge of current trends in benefits, available solutions, and potential roadblocks for employers. Fortunately, MetLife recently released a list of the top 15 areas where employees most want help from their brokers and how these areas have changed since the previous year. We created the infographic below to give you a quick recap.


Top 15 areas employers most want help from their brokers metlife infographic

Interestingly, the top three high-demand areas are wellness-related as well as four more further down the list. These areas also reflect a shift of focus to more holistic wellness solutions, as both physical and financial wellness made the list. Brokers should use the information provided in this survey to make sure they can deliver upon expanding expectations from employers (assuming they haven’t addressed these topics already). The need to be more than just a facilitator of group health insurance is more important now than ever.  Emerging technology companies are working aggressively to disrupt the insurance broker market by offering health brokerage services at fractions of the cost. The best way for insurance brokers to stay relevant is to make sure they are prepared to be a trusted source of all things related to health benefits, and based on the survey results, the best place to start is employee wellness.


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