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Work has long been associated with stress and pressure because the workplace is where people come to grind, give their all, and unfortunately, burn out. Many employees cope by disengaging from their job, which is becoming the latest workplace epidemic. As a result, workplace-induced stress is costing the U.S. economy a whopping $190 billion in healthcare expenses a year. Fortunately, Leah Weiss sits down with Wellable for a podcast that will teach listeners that work doesn't need to be this way.

Leah is a teacher, a researcher, and a meditation expert specializing in the application of mindfulness and compassion. Specifically, she's a teacher of a perennially waitlisted course at Stanford Graduate School of Business called "Leading With Mindfulness And Compassion". She used the course as the basis of her new book, How We Work: Live Your Purpose, Reclaim Your Sanity, and Embrace the Daily Grind, which serves as a practical guide for individuals to bring their whole selves to work.

Enjoy the conversation with Leah on how organization can build better cultures using compassion, mindfulness, and purpose. Listen to the podcast below in a browser or open it on SoundCloud to listen on-the-go!



0:02:00: Leah Weiss' background

0:06:40: "Leading With Mindfulness And Compassion" and the increase in popularity in similar classes

0:10:10: The "disengagement epidemic" and how finding purpose might be the answer

0:14:30: The distinction between "Purpose" and "Mindfulness"

0:18:20: Compassion at work

0:22:00: The case for practicing and investing in workplace mindfulness

0:26:10: How to get started with mindfulness training at work

0:29:30: The downside of relying on technology solutions for mindfulness and meditation training

0:32:50: Can meditation be "voluntold" in an organization?

0:35:40: The risk of over-pushing mindfulness

0:37:55: Leah's advice to young professionals to have a fulfilling career



Wellable also created a quick infographic on how your organization can build a mindfulness culture. Check it out below or download a copy to share with friends and colleagues!

Mindful Corporate Culture 

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