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Emerging Benefits Employees Want Most

Companies keep coming up with time-saving benefits to help employees. Valet services, on-site dry cleaners, and concierge services are all well and good, but a new study suggests that employees don’t want perks that save time as much as they want ...

The Cost Of Employee Stress

  • 04.08.2019
Americans are more stressed than ever. A recent survey by Cigna found that four out of five people in the U.S. say they are stressed, and 15% of those surveyed say their stress is unmanageable. This feeling of pressure doesn’t just affect their ...

Study: Mental Health Apps Not As Effective As Perceived

As companies expand their employee wellness programs to address mental health, there is increased focus on how mobile apps can serve as useful tools. Although more than 1,000 mental health apps exist, a recent study suggests these apps may not be as ...

Employers Not Prepared For Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis has reached the workplace, but employers are not ready. The impact of the opioid crisis in the country is staggering. From 1999 to 2017, nearly 400,000 people in the U.S. died from opioid-related overdoses, and half of those deaths ...

Getting Executive Buy-In For An Employee Wellness Program

Human resources managers and mid-level leaders hear it all the time: employees want wellness benefits. Whether those are in the form of more flexible work schedules, exercise programs, mental health resources, or financial benefits, employees want ...

Study: Spending Time In Parks Boosts Emotional Wellness

A recent study at the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that spending as little as 20 minutes in an urban park can have a significant effect on emotional wellness. While this may seem like an obvious conclusion to draw, especially to ...

Employees Are Not Alone In Feeling Lonely

  • 03.20.2019
Loneliness may not be a widely discussed topic, but it should be. Just as mental health has emerged from obscurity to the forefront of employee wellness conversations, loneliness is a public health issue that is reaching epidemic proportions.

Cultivating Happy, More Productive Employees

With a tight employment market and the well-known struggle to create employee engagement, employers are trying to figure out what makes employees happy at work.

Free Time, Wellness Most Preferred Employee Benefits

While employees are often offered a variety of benefits, the one they crave most is free time. That’s the result from a survey that asked more than 1,200 employees what benefits were most important. Survey participants were given a list of 15 perks, ...

Nutrition Tracking To Lose Weight: Easier, More Effective Than Commonly ...

  • 03.11.2019
Losing weight requires a multi-pronged approach. Exercise is important. So is a healthy diet. A third component that can be a critical link in the weight loss journey is the tracking of a healthy diet, but many people are reluctant to track their ...