Employee Wellness Can Learn From Why Millennials Use Multiple Apps For Music, Messaging

August 23, 2017

Millennials' brand loyalty (or lack thereof) has always been a headache for companies trying to connect and understand their preferences and needs. Unfortunately, most employee wellness program coordinators know all too well that this struggle does not end with marketers and sales professionals. Similarly, organizations scramble to get sustainable employee engagement and participation in their wellness programs. A Neilson report provides insights on millennials’ consumption of music and messaging apps, which may be helpful to employee wellness coordinators.


Millennials Prefer Multiple Apps Relative To Other Generations

The report showed that while the consumption of digital media, such as music and messaging apps, is widely adopted across the board, millennials stand out when it comes to the number of different apps they use for the same purposes. For instance, 57% of millennials reported using two or more apps just for listening and streaming music. This is to be compared with the 39% of adults age 35 and older who show similar consumption behaviors. Similarly, “70% of American millennials report using two or more apps for messaging” while just over 40% of older consumers use two or more apps.



Implications For Wellness Programs

Fitbit tracks steps and nutrition.  As does MyFitnessPal. Similar to their consumption habits with messaging and music apps, millennials prefer the best technology for each experience. This explains why Fitbit is the world leader in tracking steps and MyFitnessPal is the world leader in tracking nutrition. Rather than use a single platform that does both, millennials prefer to use the best technology for each situation.

This increases the importance for employee wellness coordinators to choose an app-agnostic platform that supports a diversity of integrations. By supporting a diversity of technologies in an employee wellness program, organizations will be able cater to all generations. Millennials will have the option to participate through a multi-app experience while older generations can stick with a single app for their entire experience. 

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