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Al Lewis, CEO of Quizzify, recently published an article called "Ten Myths about Employee Weight Loss Programs." We created an infographic to give you a brief overview of his article, but don't forget to visit Al's article to learn more.
employee weight loss program facts and fictions
It is not to say that companies should give up on helping employees control their weight; Al and Quizzify simply call for more thoughtful and well-designed programs that move away from crash dieting and unnecessary screenings. Here at Wellable, we have also discussed at lengths on topics like weight-loss challenges and the ROI/VOI of wellness programs. Below are some related articles that you might find helpful:

School District Broadens Definition Of VOI For Employee Health
Most Employers Tracked VOI Measures For Wellness Programs

CDC Study: BMI Is Incorrect Indicator For 18% Of The U.S.
Another Study Shows BMI, Biometric Screenings Lack Efficacy

Weight-loss Programs
Biggest Loser Shows Weight Loss Challenges Don't Work
Premium Reductions Don't Help Employee Weight Loss

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