Wearable Technology Moves Into A Ring

January 09, 2017

Last week was CES 2017, the largest global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow.  For wearable device enthusiast, this is the opportunity to see all the major brands (and some new ones) launch their latest products and technologies.  There were several product releases that deserve attention and numerous online outlets that covered them, but one in particular caught our attention – the Motive Ring.

Per the company’s video, “the biggest thing in fitness is really small,” and it happens to be a ring that promises to offer full wrist-worn fitness tracking functionality into that sort of form factor.  The Motive ring, which is currently in pre-sale for $199, tracks everything customary wearable devices track, including fitness, sleep, and even heart rate, but in a much smaller package.  The ring boasts a battery life or three to five days, which is quite impressive given the size.  Also, the device is waterproof up to 50 meters for those avid swimmers looking for a device to match their lifestyle.  The one feature it is missing that most wrist-worn devices have is a display or the ability to support notifications.  The benefits of the form factor may trump the lack of display but only time will tell.

The device will begin shipping to U.S.-based iOS (Apple) users in Spring 2017.  There are seven different sizing options, and rings will be available in either gray or rose gold as well as feature an LED band for charging and syncing notifications.  If you’re interested in reserving a device, you do so risk free.  Motiv will not charge individuals who pre-order devices until the devices are shipped.  Orders can also be canceled at anytime.

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