5 Unique Wellness Benefits (Bay Area Edition)

October 31, 2016

Last week, we published a post about five of our favorite examples of unique wellness benefits currently being implemented by leading companies.  After incredible interest in these examples, we thought we would create a Bay Area edition.  In the hypercompetitive arena of Silicon Valley, the march toward innovation has companies heavily investing in the recruitment and retention of their most valuable asset – their employees.  These organizations also have a strong desire to keep their employees healthy and productive.  As a result, many of them  offer unique and differentiated wellness benefits that are worth sharing.

Time from work is essential for recharging and staying fresh.  This community-driven hospitality company offers their employees a $500 travel credit every quarter for a stay at any Airbnb listing worldwide.  The benefit allows employees to recharge while regularly connecting with their host community.  Employees also receive four hours of paid time off each month to volunteer around the globe.  Combining the two benefits may be a popular choice amongst employees…

Unlimited paid time off is critical to Dropbox’s work-life balance strategy.  Employees can use benefit for new parent leave, family vacations, sick days, and more so they never worry about being unable to detach from work.  Combined with charitable contribution matching and other social impact benefits, Dropbox provides employees with the time and resources to connect and support their communities.

As a customer-oriented company, Salesforce takes care of their employees so they can take care of their customers.  It is no surprise that wellbeing is one of Salesforce's fundamental values.  From treadmill desks to workout classes to a wellness reimbursement program ($100 every month to be used on health and fitness programs), Salesforce has it all.  They also have wellness zones in which employees can put away their devices and practice mindfulness.  To provide employees with opportunities to expand their minds away from work, Salesforce launched a Press Pause speaker series.  Speakers discuss subjects relating to core values, which includes numerous sessions on wellbeing.

Unlike the tweets that made this company a household name, Twitter’s wellness benefits do not come up short.  Health benefits include meditation rooms and ergonomic consultations for your workspace.  The company also has an in-house fresh juice and smoothie bar and onsite exercise classes throughout the day.

In addition to purchasing Fitbits for every employee, Zillow has wellness days where the whole office takes a full day off to "press the reset button" and participate in Zillow-sponsored fitness events (hiking, biking, Soul Cycle, boot camp, etc.), eat healthy food, and get massages.  The company offers rich maternity and paternity benefits, and once mothers are back at work, they can take advantage of fully-equipped nursing rooms with hospital grade pumps and fridges as well as overnight breastmilk shipping when traveling on business.

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