Fitbit Launches New Sleep Feature

June 29, 2016

The digital health movement has given consumers easy ways to track and maintain positive routines when it comes to physical activity and nutrition.  Unfortunately, when it came to supporting healthy sleep habits, most consumer technologies did little more than just track the amount, and in some cases quality, of sleep.  Fitbit’s new feature, Sleep Schedule, aims to change that.  Developed in collaboration with a panel of sleep experts, the feature will help users set and meet personalized sleep goals.

Fitbit Launches New Sleep Feture

According to medical experts, maintaining a consistent schedule is one of the most important things when it comes to improving your sleep.  Failing to do so gives your body jet lag, which can then impact your physical performance, mental health, and cognitive functions.  To promote consistent quality sleep, Sleep Schedule will allow users to establish sleep goals and set up consistent bedtime and wakeup targets.  Fitbit will recommend how many hours per night you need, and suggest when you should retire and wake.  At the appropriate times, Fitbit will send push notifications to your smartphone that remind you to go to bed.  Users can also set a silent wake alarm on their tracker based on a target wakeup time.

The feature provides a much needed feedback loop, helping users adhere to a schedule and hit certain goals.  It is analogous to the push notifications Fitbit sends users when they are close to their step goal for the day.  These advancements in sleep tracking, including improved quantity and quality tracking, will open up new opportunities for consumers and employers to improve personal and population health.

Advancements like this highlight why Wellable believes so strongly in a consumer wellness strategy.  Consumer technologies, like Fitbit and others, are leading the way in regard to innovation and user experience.  Rather than disrupt or challenge their gains, employers should embrace the consumer health movement, and this goes beyond just integrating these technologies into your current wellness platform.  Check out this free eBook on what a consumer wellness strategy really means and why employers should adopt it in their wellness philosophy.

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