Jawbone Stopping Production Of UP Devices

May 31, 2016

According to Tech Insider, Jawbone has stopped making its UP fitness trackers and sold its remaining inventory to a third-party reseller.  Individuals will still be able to purchase devices as supplies last from the reseller, but since Jawbone has stopped production, new UP2, UP3, and UP4 bands will not be available on an ongoing basis.  This does not mean Jawbone is getting out of the wearable business.  Based on previous comments from the CEO, Hosain Rahman, it looks like Jawbone is focusing on a clinical grade fitness tracker, which is why there are also reports that Jawbone is trying to sell its speaker business.  The company’s clinical grade fitness tracker is going to be announced later this summer.

It is unclear if Jawbone plans to shut down its UP app.  If this is the plan, there will be numerous individuals upset by the news.  Not only did the Jawbone’s UP app rank well in the mind of consumers, the company also offered a free version of the app that allows users to convert their smartphone into a pedometer to track steps.  Combined with nutrition tracking and syncing with Apple Health, the Jawbone UP app was a great and free tool for people to track their health through digital tools.

R.I.P. Jawbone UP devices (hopefully not the app).

Topics: Mobile Wellness

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