Survey: 20% Of Households Own An Activity Tracker

May 02, 2016

According to a new research report released by the Consumer Technology Association, the wearable activity tracking device market is one of the fastest growing tech categories.  Specifically, 20% of U.S. households now own an activity tracking wearable device, which reflects nearly twice as many households relative to last year.  The report also suggested that 15% of households planned to purchase an activity tracking wearable in the next year.

Another report from Nielsen found that 82% of adults in the U.S. now have a smartphone and smartphones are the most used technology platform (even more than personal computers).  “Smartphone penetration is nearly as high as TV set and radio ownership, and consumers carry their phones everywhere,” Nielsen SVP of Audience Insights Glenn Enoch said in a statement.  “High penetration plus portability and customized functionality have made them a staple of consumers’ media diet.”

Both of these reports support a long held philosophy promoted by Wellable – employers should embrace the consumer technology movement through a bring your own device (BYOD) strategy for wellness.  Embracing this strategy means that employers allow participants of their wellness program to use their own technologies (device or mobile apps) to track their health.  It results in a more cost effective program for the employer and empowers employee choice.  With 82% of U.S. adults having a smartphone, almost everyone has the technology they need to track their health in the palm of their hand.

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