5 Wellness Program Awards Worth Winning

July 22, 2015

Building an employee wellness program has its challenges, and when done well, recognition should be given.  Part of creating a culture of wellness requires awareness and support from both employees and leadership so it’s only natural that companies seek out public recognition for having successful employee wellness programs.

After you build out your amazing wellness program, check out these worksite wellness awards to earn much deserved praise and appreciation for the team and employees that made it possible.  Winning these awards will boost morale and strengthen your program as well as improve talent acquisition and increase brand equity.  Here are the top five employee wellness recognition awards that you should consider.

Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles
This award program is brought to us by the National Business Group on Health (NBGH) and acknowledges organizations that apply creative solutions to improving the health of employees.  If your company is a member of NBGH, then applying for this award is a no-brainer.  If you’re not a member, then you’ll have to be a big player to qualify.  Eligibility for non-member applicants requires the company to be a Fortune 500 company, listed in the top 100 of Forbes America’s Largest Private Companies, or have at least 5,000 employees.  Award Levels are Platinum and Gold.  Check out their pitch on why you should apply

Everett Koop National Health Awards
“The mission of The Health Project (THP) is to seek out, evaluate, promote, and disseminate information about exemplary health promotion and disease prevention programs with demonstrated effectiveness in improving population health and producing net savings.”  One of the unique and important requirements of the Koop Awards is that winners are able to document results, both in terms of health improvement and economic impact.  The projects must answer the questions: (i) what was done; (ii) did it work; and (ii) was it worth it.  Check out their award information section to review requirements.

Healthiest Employers Awards Program
The Healthiest Employer awards program recognizes organizations that are committed to creating a healthy workplace.  The award utilizes an online assessment to measure wellness programming in six key categories: (i) leadership commitment, (ii) foundational components, (iii) strategic planning, (iv) communication and marketing, (v) programming and interventions, and (vi) reporting and analysis.  The awards program has over 4,000 participating employees and delivers recognition by geography.  To view your local event, select the city or state.

Fit-Friendly Worksites Award
This award is provided by the American Heart Association.  It recognizes employers who go above and beyond when it comes to their employees’ health and rewards organizations for their progressive leadership and concern for their staff.  Recipients receive things like recognition in the Honor Roll on the American Heart Association’s website and consultation on workplace wellness, CPR/AED (automated external defibrillator) programs, and more.  Levels of achievement include Gold, Platinum, Worksite Innovation, and Community innovation.  Each level comes with specific requirements for qualification.

Well Workplace Awards - WELCOA
The cornerstone of the Wellness Council of America is the “Well Workplace” Awards process.  This innovative initiative recognizes quality and excellence in worksite health promotion.  Driven by a pre-defined set of worksite wellness criteria, organizations of all kinds compete to be recognized as one of America’s Healthiest Companies.  Award levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.  To date, more than 700 corporations, healthcare systems, public agencies, and educational institutions employing over 2.25 million people have met rigid worksite wellness criteria and have been recognized as some of America’s Healthiest Companies.  Check out previous winners and get ready to add your name to the list!

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