5 Things To Do Before Using Fitness Apps

April 29, 2015

Most individuals start the year off with high goals and end up six months later in the same place as January 1.  Millions of Americans vow to transform their health and eagerly accept any and all recommendations thrown at them, including the newest fitness and health technologies.  Despite the well intentions and the best technologies available, why do most people fail to meet our health goals?

“Just because I have a fitness app on my phone doesn’t make me an athlete,” said Dr. Harry Greenspun of Deloitte Center for Health Solutions.  Dr. Greenspun, one of the “50 Most Influential Physician Executives in Healthcare” according to Modern Healthcare, makes a well stated point.  When it comes to transforming your health, you need to first find the motivation and dedication internally to do so, and then you can use fitness technologies to support you in reaching your goals.

Here are 5 things you can do before exploring fitness and health apps: 

smart-goals#1 List Out Your Goals
Write down your top health and fitness goals.  This is essential before committing to a new routine and really understanding how practical they are.  Talk to friends and family about your goals and get feedback.

#2 Organize Your Game Plan
Figuring out what you first want to accomplish is great, but goals without plans are just dreams!  The biggest hurdle to formulating a plan is having it fit within your busy schedule.  Figure out a realistic schedule and write it out.  If you are not a morning person, will you actually make it to that 6:30 AM spin class?

#3 Break Down Your Goals
Big goals are achievable when you break them into smaller goals.  For example, if you want to run a 5K, what are the mini goals to help you get there?  Start with basic things like lightly jogging one mile to build up your endurance.  Eventually, you will build up your endurance to run the 5K.

#4 Celebrate Small Victories
It is important to give yourself credit and pat yourself on the back when you accomplish small goals.  Positive reinforcement will continue to drive motivation, according to experts in science.

#5 Adjust Course If Necessary
If your boss just dumps a huge project on you and you’re suddenly working 60 hour weeks, keeping up with your original plan may become tricky.  However, it’s important to not give up!  Following some of your plan is better than not following any of it.  Reevaluate and adjust for the time being as necessary.

Granted the Apple Watch wasn’t around during Thomas Jefferson’s presidency, the advice Jefferson gave is timeless: “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”

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