Interface, Experience, And Convenience Drive Wellness Engagement

September 11, 2013

The engineers behind the next generation of technology-powered smart cars know what their consumers demand: a high level of innovation in interface, experience and convenience. Why should wellness solution providers, who handle our most precious commodity – our health – be any less cutting-edge?

Veronica Combs wrote an article titled, “What the Car Industry Can Teach Healthcare About Appealing to Millennials.”  In this article, she notes the similarities between the “challenges car makers face and the ones healthcare leaders are trying to figure out.”

According to Combs, one of the similar challenges is that “young people have high expectations about interface, experience, and convenience.”  While these three qualities may be particularly true for a young population, Wellable believes they apply broadly, to all age demographics.  Interface, experience, and convenience must be carefully crafted to enhance a health and wellness experience that drives user engagement.

Below are a few ways that Wellable thinks about interface, experience, and convenience:

Wellness resources must be accessible.  Accessibility starts and ends with the user interface.  If the user can’t intuitively navigate the interface, frustration ensues, and user engagement diminishes.  Wellness data must tell a personal wellness story and be presented in an accessible and digestible format.

Wellness needs to be as enjoyable as possible.  A well-constructed wellness program optimizes the experience through a number of means.  Some users will enjoy the social experience while others will be motivated by peer-to-peer competition or personal goals and achievement.  A personalized wellness experience drives engagement.  Each individual’s wellness experience must be uniquely tailored to his or her needs, goals, interests, and lifestyle.

Wellness must be convenient.  Mobile wellness allows for users to engage in health and wellness resources on-demand 24/7.  On-demand 24/7 doesn’t mean wellness needs to be used around the clock.  In fact, the important of convenient wellness is that engagement occurs on each user’s terms – when he or she wants and not when it’s inconvenient.

Accessible interface, enjoyable experience, and convenient solution are cornerstones of Wellable’s high-engagement mobile wellness experience.  To find out more, reach out to Wellable today.

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