Putting The Mobile Wellness Puzzle Together

September 05, 2013

In a recent article titled, “Why Can’t All My Sensors Get Along?” Michael Essany highlights the lack of meaningful connectivity among mobile wellness apps and devices.  Essany argues that while health and wellness resources are available, they are fragmented, live in their own bubble, and have yet to be connected to provide a holistic wellness solution.

man putting puzzle together

Wellable is the answer to Essany’s call for an interconnected “24/7 mobile health platform.”

Wellable’s mobile wellness platform connects health and wellness mobile apps and provides a meaningful, interconnected wellness experience for each user.  As mentioned in a previous blog post, Wellable builds a customized health and wellness ecosystem around each user.  This individual mobile wellness ecosystem learns, evolves, and becomes smarter as it matures.

Wellable believes there are a few features that are essential to achieve what Essany calls “interoperability among today’s leading and emerging mobile health technologies.”

Connectivity – seamless integration across multiple mobile wellness technologies

Aggregation – one place for the user to view, track, and assess health and wellness activity

Goals – ability for the user to set meaningful health and wellness goals and track activity in relation to those goals

Feedback – a technology platform that communicates to the user and provides user-specific advice and encouragement to optimize the mobile wellness experience

Customization – a platform that uses data, goals, and feedback analysis to become smarter and provide a unique and more customized experience for each user

For Michael Essany’s article: http://medcitynews.com/2013/08/why-cant-all-my-sensors-get-along/

To find out more about Wellable’s 24/7 mobile wellness ecosystem, reach out to Wellable today at info@wellable.co.

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