Commuting To Work Can Be Exercise Too

June 26, 2013


Grabbing a Clif bar just before running out the door.  Racing to Starbucks to pickup a mourning venti latte with soymilk for that requisite jolt of caffeine before heading into the office.  More likely than not, you are familiar with the daily mad dash and hustle of the morning commute.

I have less than fond memories of speed walking down Commonwealth Ave in Boston and weaving in and out of standstill traffic racing to get to work.  My focus was narrow.  My goal was simple, get there on time.  With such a singular focus, it was difficult to remember that there can actually be benefits of a morning or evening commute – that is health benefits.

New York City recently launched their bike share program (now the largest of such programs in North America).  The launch of “Citi Bike” is a nice reminder of a healthy option available for getting to and from the office.

Bicycling can be a great way to stay in shape.  In fact, according to one study, a 155 lbs person can burn 260 calories with a moderate 30 min bike ride.

You may be surprised at the miles you rack up during your weekly commute.  I challenge you to power up your favorite smartphone GPS fitness app and start tracking your weekly walk or bike to work.

Remember, getting to and from work can count as exercise too!

For more on the launch of New York’s bike share program:

For more on the # of calories burned during bicycling and other exercises:

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