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July 24, 2013

How many times did you check your smartphone today?

A 2011 study shows that on average, users check their smartphones 34 times a day.  An updated study published in 2013 showed this number has now risen to an astonishing 150 times a day for the average user.

mobile corporate wellness

We live in a society of 24/7 accessibility.  Access to emails from a manager, tweets from a high school classmate, and celebrity fashion updates are all accessible with the touch of a finger, from anywhere in the world, day or night.

Now, corporate wellness is just as accessible.  Mobile wellness companies provide employers with the tools to administer a corporate wellness program using smartphone technology.  Mobile wellness puts the power of wellness at each employee’s fingertips.   Employees have greater flexibility to choose when and how to engage in wellness.  Mobile wellness is a corporate wellness program that doesn’t have to stay in the office.

Give your employees greater accessibility and freedom to customize an individual wellness solution using mobile technology and the result will be higher engagement and more effective healthy behavior change.

If the average smartphone user interacts with a smartphone 150 times a day, why not make a handful of those interactions wellness related…?

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