The Challenge of Administering Wellness To A Geographically Diverse Employee Base

July 10, 2013

Administering a wellness program to a multi-office corporation can be challenging.  Different offices may have different health and wellness needs.  Some offices are larger and have plentiful resources, while other small satellite offices may be more limited.

Inevitably, there will be different resources available at different offices.  While it may be affordable to have an onsite gym and dietician at the corporate headquarters in New York, it’s unlikely that the company’s satellite office of 20 employees in Topeka offers the same benefits.


Sheetz Inc. has been struggling with this challenge.  Sheetz made health and wellness a priority by investing in a state of the art $4 million 12,000 square foot employee wellness center, aptly named the Sheetz Center for Shwellness.

Bill Young, Director of Compensation, Benefits, and Risk at Sheetz, acknowledged the challenges that lay ahead in effectively deploying a wellness solution to all employees.  “Our challenge is we have 13,000 employees spread across six states and 450 stores, and really, how do you take a wellness concept and program and get folks dispersed like that engaged and try to get an impact at that level?”

A mobile wellness solution is a cost effective way to solve the challenge of deploying a robust and equitable wellness program across multiple offices.  As long as an employee has a smartphone, he or she can access the same wellness resources whether in the Syracuse satellite office, on business trip in London, or working from home to care for sick kids.

Weight loss coaches, dieticians, personal trainers – these services are all available as mobile apps for little to no cost.  With around 40,000 mobile health apps available, finding health and wellness resources is no longer the challenge.  Instead, the challenges for an employer looking to explore mobile wellness are two fold: curating the abundance of apps to determine the most effective mobile solutions for an employer’s population and then finding a way to manage and administer the mobile apps in a corporate wellness setting.

The right corporate wellness partner can help manage both the curation and administration of mobile wellness apps for a surprisingly competitive price.

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