Survey: Employees Aware, Not Fully Engaged With Wellness Programs

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It is often believed that employees do not participate in wellness programs because they are unaware that the program even exists, which is why communication is perceived as a critical component for wellness success.  However, a recent survey from UnitedHealthcare suggests that program awareness is no longer the problem.  According to the survey, 85% of… Read more »

Infographic: Current State Of Financial Wellness Industry

Category: Facts and Research

Charles Schwab recently released a comprehensive report on the workplace financial wellness industry. There, you can find definitions, current state, and the popular design of wellness programs. However, if you are short on time, this infographic will provide a brief summary of the report. Financial wellness programs are just beginning to become staples of employee health… Read more »

Minority Employees Disproportionately Struggling With Financial Wellness

Category: Facts and Research

Finance Finesse recently released a report called Optimizing Financial Wellness Programs for a Diverse Workforce. The results are concerning, as minority employees are overwhelmingly struggling with financial wellness. This is bad news for a number of reasons because the same organization released the 2016 ROI Special Report where it noted that employees with the lowest… Read more »

Expert Interview: Innovative Ways to Improve Employee Wellness

Category: Wellable News

  Wellable recently did an expert interview with HubEngage where Nick Patel, Founder and President of Wellable, talked about innovative ways to improve employee wellness. The article touches upon a wide variety of topics that are essential to a good wellness program, namely technology, rewards and incentive, engagement, and more! To give you a sneak… Read more »

Weekly Roundup: Employee Wellness Experience At Leading Companies

Category: Corporate Wellness

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, employee experience is becoming more important. According to “The Employee Experience Advantage” by Jacob Morgan, there are three primary environmental factors matter most to employees: cultural, technological, and physical. This week in employee wellness experience we will look at Uber’s latest move to combat turnover and a toxic… Read more »

CDHP Members More Interested In Wellness Programs

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Fourteen percent of the U.S population is now enrolled in a consumer-driven health plan (CDHP) and another 14% is enrolled in a high-deductible health plan (HDHP). Because of the low-premium and high-deductible nature of these options, members are more likely to show cost-conscious behaviors than those of traditional plans, according to a report from the… Read more »

Report: Smartphone Owners Use 9 Apps Per Day

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App Annie, an app analytics and data platform, reported that users are now accessing more than 30 apps monthly. While the number sounds impressive, it is only 1/2 to 1/3 of the number of apps actually installed on people’s smartphones. The rest belongs to the wasteland where they barely get opened. The set of daily… Read more »