Law Firms Respond To Reported 28% Depression Rate Amongst Lawyers

Category: Corporate Wellness

A study from the Journal of Addiction Medicine found that lawyers are much more likely to have problems with substance abuse and experience symptoms of depressions than the rest of the population. Specifically, 21% of the lawyers surveyed were heavy drinkers and 28% experienced symptoms of depression (compared to 8% or less of the general… Read more »

Research: Good Leaders Keep Their Employees, Best Leaders Let Them Go

Category: Engagement

On the Wellable blog, we write a lot about increasing employee retention and reducing turnover, knowing the astronomical costs associated with replacing employees. But what if we tell you that the best leaders, instead of hoarding talent for themselves, embrace letting their superstar employees go? Talent Flow vs. Talent Pool This was the topic of… Read more »

Study: Mindfulness Training Boosts Employee Well-being

Category: Wellness

mindfulness (n): the awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions, sensations, actions, and surroundings in the present moment (International Journal of Workplace Health Management) Mindfulness is no longer exclusive to productivity hackers in Silicon Valley – many companies are embracing the practice, hoping to train a mentally fit workforce. However, there was little imperial evidence on whether… Read more »

Stress Is Ruining Employee Experience

Category: Corporate Wellness

More than half of U.S. workers reported an increase in stress levels in the last five years.  According to the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, “36% of employees suffer from work-related stress, which costs U.S. businesses $30 billion a year in lost workdays.” Furthermore, 56% of employees said stress and anxiety most often impact their… Read more »

Survey Results From A Wellable Challenge

Category: Wellable News

Between March and April of this year, Wellable hosted the Step Into Spring Ortho Challenge.  The four-week step challenge had 14 large orthopedic groups across the United States compete for ultimate bragging rights, cool t-shirts, and gift cards.  At the end of the challenge, which consisted of 1,161 participants, Wellable issued a user survey.  The… Read more »

Report: Why Your Employees Are Leaving (And How to Retain Talent)

Category: Engagement

Employee turnover is a sticky problem for HR managers, as replacing employees (especially good ones) can be costly. Understanding why employees stay or leave can give managers a leg up in this competitive job market where talented individuals have plenty of options to choose from. Fortunately, Work Institute recently published a report detailing reasons why… Read more »

Workplace Unfairness Driving Employee Turnover in Tech Sector

Category: Facts and Research

Technology companies are widely seen as organizations on the forefront of workplace trends.  This is largely due to rich and novel benefits (think Google, Facebook, and others) and a disproportionate number of millennials, which comprise the largest part of the global workforce, in their ranks.  These leading companies often set compensation and benefit trends and… Read more »

Facts vs. Fiction: Employee Weight Loss Programs and BMI Values

Category: Facts and Research

Al Lewis, CEO of Quizzify, recently published an article called “Ten Myths about Employee Weight Loss Programs.” We created an infographic to give you a brief overview of his article, but don’t forget to visit Al’s article to learn more. It is not to say that companies should give up on helping employees control their weight;… Read more »