Health Coaching With Consumer Technologies

Category: Engagement

Health coaching has historically been viewed as the final step in a costly screen (biometrics), stratify (by risk), and coach model.  As such, it often gets a bad rap à guilt by association.  However, with research from HealthFitness and some novel ways to think about coaching, this post hopes to dispel some reservations employers have… Read more »

Podcast: Tom Ciccotti On Employee Wellness Trends In 2017

Category: Podcasts

Earlier last month, we released our blog on 6 Trends in Employee Wellness, which received a lot of attention from informed human resource and health plan professionals alike. The infographic also sparked interesting discussions on LinkedIn, with people from all professions weighing in on the state of the industry. To better inform our audience, we… Read more »

Studies: Activity Trackers Work, If Individuals Use Them

Category: Facts and Research

The use of activity trackers is becoming more prevalent each year.  In fact, it has been recently reported that 25% of Americans own a wearable device.  This means that the number of tracker owners in the U.S. is greater than the entire French population.  That’s a lot!  Consequently, activity trackers are also becoming increasingly popular… Read more »

Study Quantifies Value Of Employee Health Engagement

Category: Facts and Research

Several months ago we discussed the value of health plan member engagement.  A new study from the same organization provides support for investing in the health of employees and their dependents.  The research provides the business case to show that health and well-being programs are good for employees as well as the bottom line.  For… Read more »

New Release: Fitbit Alta HR

Category: Mobile Wellness

Fitbit recently released Alta HR, their newest activity tracker.  The device is an upgrade from their popular predecessor, the Alta tracker, the main difference between the two being the heart rate tracking functionality.  Thanks to PurePulse, Alta HR can now measure continuous heart rate data and improved sleep data.  Below is a quick look into… Read more »

National Nutrition Month At Work – Ideas And Resources

Category: Wellness

March is the National Nutrition Month, which means we get to spend a whole month talking about food.  Count us in! Created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), this year’s theme is to “Put Your Best Fork Forward,” a clever way to remind everyone that each bite counts and that small changes in… Read more »

Courting Millennials: Lessons From Market Research

Category: Facts and Research

In this world of low loyalty, it feels like employees are always having one foot out the door. Millennials, the largest generation in the workforce, are the least loyal of all. In fact, two-thirds of millennials surveyed said that they see themselves switching jobs in the next four years. Employers are not facing the struggle… Read more »

Improving Productivity By Cultivating Good Sleep

Category: Corporate Wellness

It is widely known that proper sleep is important for individual health.  It also shouldn’t be a surprise that employees need sleep too!  In fact, employee sleep quality directly impacts a company’s bottom line.  According to “Why sleep matters” by RAND Europe, lack of sleep costs the U.S economy about $411 billion in lost productivity…. Read more »