6 Trends in Employee Wellness – 2017 Edition

Category: Facts and Research

Shortlister recently released their Well-being Industry Prospectus 2017, a report on employee wellness trends. They surveyed well-being subject-matter experts at the nation’s top employee benefits consultants to get their take on the state of the wellness industry.  The entire report is certainly worth downloading and reviewing in its entirety, but if you are short on… Read more »

Apple Watch = Sustained New Year’s Resolution?

Category: Mobile Wellness

As mid-February approaches, the magic of New Year’s Resolutions is starting to wear off; the excitement surrounding exercising and eating healthy might start taking the backseat (yet again).  By this time, it is quite likely that only 59% of your employees are still hanging on to what they had promised just over a month ago…. Read more »

4 Wellness Rewards To Reinvest In Employee Health

Category: Rewards and Incentives

Rewarding participation is an excellent way to encourage wellness program engagement.  However, picking rewards can be a tricky ordeal.  Good rewards motivate employees to participate and continue to invest in employee health rather than sabotaging efforts (no Wendy’s gift cards please!).  Luckily, in a wellness-oriented market, there are numerous options that can complement wellness challenges,… Read more »

Google Compensated Unit So Much That Employees Left

Category: Engagement

Most companies may not be able to relate to compensation packages so rich that employees leave to explore other opportunities, but the case study in this blog is worth exploring nonetheless.  For compensation packages in their self-driving car unit, the search engine giant Google introduced a unique pay structure in 2010 that included bonuses and… Read more »

Top Employee Wellness Perks For 2017

Category: Rewards and Incentives

As the talent wars endure, companies continue to up their game as it relates to overall perks and benefits and especially as it relates to wellness related ones.  According to a Glassdoor survey, culture and values rank the highest as the workplace factors that matter most to employees.  This is why wellness benefits continue to… Read more »

Onsite Services And Employee Emotional Health

Category: Corporate Wellness

In Aon’s 2016 Consumer Health Mindset Survey, 83% of consumers said they needed the most support for emotional well-being.  Of those respondents, 68% ranked managing stress as the most important way to being emotionally well.  The survey of 2,320 consumers, including employees and dependents covered by employer health plans, identifies a clear area that employers… Read more »

Simon Sinek: Millennials In The Workplace

Category: Engagement

Below is a video excerpt from Simon Sinek, a leadership and organizational development expert, speaking on an episode of Inside Quest.  During the excerpt, which we strongly encourage people to watch (it has 5.3 million views and counting), Sinek addresses what he calls the “millennial question.”  In short, the millennial question addresses the challenges with… Read more »

Gyms Lose Favor, Gym Reimbursements To Follow

Category: Corporate Wellness

An article in the Wall Street Journal discussed the growing market for online fitness classes and services, like ClassPass, that offer a set number of visits to participating fitness boutiques and gyms in a given city for a monthly fee.  As a result of these innovations, many people are choosing to ditch their gym memberships… Read more »