Physicians Can Increase Patient Step Counts By 20%

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One of the many million (billion?) dollar questions in the digital health and employee wellness communities ponders what can lead to long-term engagement and activity increases.  As it relates to steps specifically, studies show that adherence to and use of a pedometer or activity tracker will result in increases in step counts; however, with so… Read more »

Millennials And Employee Wellness

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WebMD released a report (Millennial Health and Wellness Perceptions: Clues to Increasing Wellness Program Engagement) that focuses on millennials and employee wellness.  With millennials representing the largest generation in the workforce, taking a critical look at their specific needs and preferences provides insights on how to best engage these employees in wellness programs.  Below are… Read more »

Survey: 78% Of Organizations View Wellness As Critical Business Strategy

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Despite uncertainty around integrating employee wellness and engagement programs into company cultures, employers continue to view these strategies as a top priority for business success.  A recent survey (State of the Industry: Employee Wellbeing, Culture and Engagement) of more than 600 human resource and benefit leaders explored and revealed key relationships between the three main… Read more »

85% Of Employers Say They Are Not Satisfied With Employee Savings Rates

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Despite increased participation in 401 (k) plans, 85% of employers say they are not satisfied with employee savings rates, according to a study on retirement and financial wellbeing trends by Aon Hewitt.  The study also found that 90% of employers are concerned about their employees’ understanding of how much they need to save in order… Read more »

Study: Successful Weight Loss With Nutrition App

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With millions of individuals across the world relying on nutrition tracking apps for weight loss, a recent study sought to evaluate the efficacy of these technologies on weight reduction in obese or overweight individuals.  Previous studies had discrepancies with regard to the effect of apps due to the several limitations.  This retrospective cohort study, however,… Read more »

Survey: Fitness Tracker, Smartwatch Abandonment ~30%

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During the holiday season last year, Santa gave millions of individuals wearable device fitness trackers and smartwatches.  For wellness program administrators, at least those with the analytics and technology to assess their program in detail and in real-time, these gifts result in increased participation in January wellness challenges.  However, too many coordinators know first-hand that… Read more »

Wearable Technology Moves Into A Ring

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Last week was CES 2017, the largest global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow.  For wearable device enthusiast, this is the opportunity to see all the major brands (and some new ones) launch their latest products and technologies.  There were several product releases that deserve attention and numerous online outlets that covered them, but one… Read more »

Survey: Nearly 25% Of Americans Own A Wearable Device

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The second annual survey from Rock Health on consumer health adoption revealed numerous interesting statistics on the current state of digital health in America.  Most notably, the number of Americans who own wearable devices increased to nearly one out of every four individuals, which is up significantly from 12% in 2015.  With a sampling of… Read more »