5 Unique Wellness Benefits (Bay Area Edition)

Category: Corporate Wellness

Last week, we published a post about five of our favorite examples of unique wellness benefits currently being implemented by leading companies.  After incredible interest in these examples, we thought we would create a Bay Area edition.  In the hypercompetitive arena of Silicon Valley, the march toward innovation has companies heavily investing in the recruitment… Read more »

5 Unique Wellness Benefits From Leading Companies

Category: Corporate Wellness

As employee health and wellness continues to become an area of focus for employers across the world, leading companies are making unique and differentiating wellness perks a staple of their benefits package.  These benefits are becoming the norm and are critical for companies to recruit, retain, and engage talent.  Below are five of our favorite… Read more »

Employee Benefits Increased From 60 To 344 In 20 Years

Category: Corporate Wellness

Twenty years ago, the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) conducted the Innovative Benefits Survey to measure the state of employee benefits at that time.  The recurring survey, which has been modified over the years, continues to follow changes in employee benefits and, as expected, shows the evolution of employee benefits in a world where… Read more »

Study: Financial Wellness Benefits Employers and Employees

Category: Facts and Research

A study from Financial Finesse shows that the burdens of financial stress have significant and tangible impacts on employers and employees. As a result, proper financial wellness tools have the ability to significantly benefit both parties. “For its 2016 ROI Special Report, Financial Finesse conducted a case study of a Fortune 100 company’s comprehensive workplace… Read more »

Study: The Dollar Value Of Exercise

Category: Facts and Research

Employers, health plans, and government agencies all try to ascribe a value to healthy living.  Each one has their own motivation and perspective on why they care, but all of these reasons focus, to some degree, on managing healthcare expenses.  Since individuals (employees, members, etc.) are the focus of healthy living programs, program sponsors should… Read more »

8 Unique Employee Benefits To Attract And Retain Talent

Category: Engagement

“The best job candidates may have their pick of companies to work for, but employers don’t always have their pick of the best candidates.  One reason for this is because some companies aren’t focusing on doing more to distinguish themselves from their competitors.”  An article in Forbes highlights the importance of creating benefit packages that… Read more »

Fitbit Creates Research Library, Publishes Employee Wellness Studies

Category: Corporate Wellness

To counter criticism that wearable devices do not produce better health outcomes, Fitbit partnered with Fitabase to create a curated Research Library that contains an up-to-date reference list for studies that have used a Fitbit device.  From validations studies to innovative intervention and one-off case studies, the reference list covers nearly everything that has been… Read more »

Research Identifies Barriers To Wellness Engagement

Category: Facts and Research

Research from HealthFitness and The Connell Group shows that despite wellness program participants having greater satisfaction with wellness programs and perceiving themselves as healthier, nearly 60% of employees do not participate.  There have been numerous surveys trying to identify what causes individuals to not participate, including one covered in another blog post, that have shown… Read more »

Survey: 1/3 Of People Use Health, Fitness App Or Device

Category: Mobile Wellness

A global survey from GfK suggests that one out of three people online (33%) currently monitor or track their health or fitness via an online or mobile application, fitness wearable, or smartwatch.  As expected, the adoption levels in the 16 countries that were part of the survey varied.  China led the pack with 45% of their… Read more »