The Twos: Fitbit Launches The Flex 2 And Charge 2

Category: Mobile Wellness

Fitbit continues to expand their product line by announcing new versions of the Fitbit Flex and Fitbit Charge devices.  Since the Flex has been a staple of corporate wellness programs since it was released in 2013, the update maybe seen as long overdue for that device.  Below are brief highlights for each device. Flex 2… Read more »

Fitbit Local: Just Another Reason Consumer Wellness Works

Category: Engagement

Employers should build their corporate wellness programs around the consumer wellness technology market, and Fitbit’s new Fitbit Local program is just another reason why.  In addition to producing quality hardware and software, Fitbit launches value-added programs and services to improve engagement in its programs.  For example, Fitbit acquired FitStar to go beyond data tracking and… Read more »

Is Too Much Employee Engagement A Bad Thing?

Category: Engagement

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review explores whether too much employee engagement could be a bad thing.  The benefits of employee engagement are well documented, including being associated with higher employee wellbeing, performance, and retention.  Well-engaged business units also outperform less engaged ones in almost every metric, such as revenues, profits, service quality,… Read more »

What’s New In The FDA’s New Food Label

Category: Wellness

All packaged food comes with a label that provides the nutritional value of that particular food so consumers know exactly what they are eating and how much of each nutrient is in that particular food.  The labels also provide the ability to compare and contrast different food ingredients and nutrients for choosing the healthiest option. … Read more »

Study Suggests People Underestimate How Much They Eat

Category: Facts and Research

For decades, policy analysts in developed countries have been trying to determine why waistlines in their country continue to grow.  In the United Kingdom, many believe that physical inactivity, not unhealthy diets, are the primary culprit.  According to the Living Costs and Food Survey (LCFS), a long-running study that tracks shopping in the United Kingdom,… Read more »

5 Must Have FREE Health Fair Vendors

Category: Corporate Wellness

Last week, we blogged about vendors that employers should include at their company health fairs.  The vendors listed in the post cost money so for the budget-constrained organizations, this post is focused on free vendors that employers can bring to their health fairs.  One of the greatest things about health fairs is that you can… Read more »

Study: An Hour Of Exercise A Day Could Save $68 Billion

Category: Facts and Research

A large study of one million people quantified the cost of the “pandemic of physical inactivity” affecting countries across the world.  According to the study, physical inactivity costs the global economy $67.5 billion a year in healthcare and productivity losses.  This costs disproportionately impacts wealthier nations, but as poorer countries develop, the economic burden from… Read more »

5 Must Have Health Fair Vendors

Category: Corporate Wellness

Health fairs are a great way to bring employees together and educate them on the benefits that your company can provide for them as well as enhance awareness about healthy living.  This facilitates a culture of health in the workplace, which supports happier, healthier, and more productive employees.  We greatly enjoy assisting our clients with… Read more »

2/3 Of Employees Rank Health And Wellness Perks Number One

Category: Corporate Wellness

A recent survey by One Medical Group found that two out of three full-time professionals prefer better health and wellness benefits than other types of perks.  This means that employers looking to attract and retain the best talent should focus on expanding benefits in health and wellness before investing in other perks.  The good news… Read more »

Why We Love Harvard’s Healthy Eating Plate

Category: Wellness

Portion control continues to be a big contributor to the growing obesity rate.  Restaurants over portion meals, dinner plates have gotten bigger, and meals have become supersized and prepackaged making them readily available within minutes in the microwave.  How do we know how much we should be eating and what should our meals be comprised… Read more »