Big News Week In Digital Health And Wellness

Category: Wellness

Normally, the Wellable blog would address the newsworthy events below in separate posts, but so many announcements have come out in the last week that we felt it was only appropriate to combine them all into one fun blog post.  Enjoy! Nokia To Acquire Withings Nokia Technologies will acquire French connected health device maker (and… Read more »

Student Debt Impacts All Employees, Generations

Category: Facts and Research

The student debt crisis is often seen as a problem impacting millennials, but this misconception underestimates the far reaching impact it has on all employees.  Although higher percentages of millennials have student debt (42%), many Gen X (26%) and baby boomers (11%) are still not student debt free.  Also, outstanding student loans are affecting baby… Read more »

Fitbit Talks Employee Health With U.S. Congress

Category: Corporate Wellness

Vice President and General Manager at Fitbit Wellness, Amy McDonough, testified before a congressional hearing last week in a session entitled “Innovations in Health Care: Exploring Free-Market Solutions for a Healthy Workforce”.  As the leader of Fitbit’s corporate wellness product, McDonough is able to share a number of insights on the state of employee health.  Below are… Read more »

Q4 Wearable Shipments: Fitbit (30%) Gains Over Apple (15%) And Xiaomi (10%)

Category: Facts and Research

According to a new report from IDC, market share in wearable device shipments for Q4 2015 saw fairly significant shifts relative to previous quarters.  Samsung broke into the top five while Fitbit furthered its lead over Apple and Xiaomi.  Total shipment volume for the quarter came to 27.4 million units, up 126.9% from the 12.1 million… Read more »

School District Broadens Definition Of VOI For Employee Health

Category: Corporate Wellness

A recent post discussed how half of employers were using at least one value on investment (VOI) measure to track success, including employee engagement (30%), turnover (22%), absenteeism (18%), productivity (17%), and recruitment/referral rates (13%).  This is nearly doubled the amount (28%) of employers tracking the return on investment (ROI) for their employee wellness programs. … Read more »

Outcome-Based Wellness Programs See Sharp Decline

Category: Corporate Wellness

A survey conducted by the National Business Group on Health showed that 24% of employers reported including outcome-based incentives in their wellness programs.  This is a sharp decline from the 44% that said they incentivized employees to lose weight, quit smoking, or achieve other health-oriented goals.  The sharp drop in outcome-based programs leads to the question… Read more »

Report: Users Value Wearable Apps And Devices Differently

Category: Mobile Wellness

It is easy to think of wearable devices and their companion apps as a single user experience, but a report from Argus Insights suggests that the users of these devices don’t see them that way.  Argus, which looks at consumer reviews and social data to analyze “mindshare”, reports that the baseline level of consumer enjoyment… Read more »