10 Predictive Areas Of High Performing Cultures

Category: Engagement

Culture is one of those words that’s thrown around a lot but is rarely understood.  It’s a bragging point of nearly every company in business today, from a startup with three employees to multinational corporations.  To help clarify and define company culture, Entrepreneur Magazine and CultureIQ teamed up to create a list of top company… Read more »

Survey: Mixed Results For Corporate Wellness Programs

Category: Facts and Research

A new survey from Towers Watson highlights the importance companies are putting on employee wellness as well as the struggles they are having trying to deliver successful programs.  The Staying@Work Survey “found that a large majority (84%) of U.S. employers identify health and productivity improvement as essential or moderately important to their health strategies.  Additionally,… Read more »

Employee Engagement Stable Since March, Up Slightly Since 2012

Category: Engagement

Gallup released its monthly employee engagement statistics, and the survey revealed that monthly employee engagement readings have been nearly unchanged since March of this year.  With 32.1% of employees identified as “engaged” (based on their ratings of key workplace elements), October 2015 employee engagement is slightly higher than its 2012 average of around 30%.  This… Read more »

Does Activity Tracking Lead To More Activity?

Category: Facts and Research

Wearables and mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular in the employee wellness space.  This may be most evident by Target’s decision to purchase Fitbits for its 335,000 employees.  However, we must not mistake popularity with effectiveness so it is important to ask whether or not activity tracking will lead to individuals being more physically active. … Read more »

Study: Weight Loss App Ineffective

Category: Facts and Research

Last week, Duke University published a study in the journal Obesity that shows neither a specially designed mobile app nor a coaching intervention that utilized a mobile app was any more effective in promoting weight loss than the control intervention (a handful of fliers from a doctor visit).  The study was particularly interesting compared to other weight… Read more »

Xiaomi Launches $15 Wearable Device That Tracks Steps, Sleep, And Heart Rate

Category: Mobile Wellness

Xiaomi, who recently finished third in Q2 2015 wearable devices shipped (behind Fitbit and Apple), just launched a new device that may move it further up the market share ladder.  Its new device, the Mi Band Pulse, tracks steps, sleep, and heart rate, making it a direct competitor to Fitbit’s flagship devices.  The device also… Read more »

Survey: Health Apps Gain Traction, Engagement Remains Challenge

Category: Facts and Research

A new online national survey of Americans’ health app usage shows mixed results as it relates to consumer adoption of new health and wellness technologies.  Published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research mHealth and uHealth and analyzed by researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center, the survey shows that 65% of respondents indicated that apps improved their… Read more »

Are Wearables For The Masses?

Category: Mobile Wellness

At the 12th annual Connected Health Symposium, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel discussed his thoughts on wearables and healthcare.  As the Vice Provost for Global Initiatives and Chair of the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Emanuel made his skepticism about wearables very clear: “I think you can forget about… Read more »

EEOC To Clarify Wellness Incentive Rules Under GINA

Category: Regulatory

The Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) issued a proposed rule on Friday that aims to clarify how wellness incentives apply to the health information of a spouse participating in an employer-sponsored wellness program.  The proposed rule amends regulations related to Title II of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) by allowing employers who offer wellness… Read more »