Health Risk Assessments May Benefit Elderly

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Many critics of certain wellness programs, including us, have been very vocal about the lack of efficacy of health risk assessments (HRAs) and biometric screenings.  In the interest of being fair and covering both sides, we felt compelled to share research that shows positive outcomes from biometric screenings.  Before you rejoice, it is important to… Read more »

Study: Aetna Gets Wellness ROI Through Genetic Testing

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According to an article published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Aetna saved more than $650,000 in the first year of an employee wellness program that incorporated information obtained through genetic testing.  The health insurer used the genetic information to individualize interventions for 445 employees at high risk of developing metabolic syndrome.  This is an… Read more »

17% Of Consumers Use Mobile Health Apps, 12% Wearables

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A new survey commissioned by Rock Health provides a great deal of insight on the state of the consumer health and wellness market, including information on adoption and drivers of growth.  There is lots of great information in the report.  Below is a summary of a few highlights that are relevant to those of us… Read more »

Outcomes-based Wellness Programs See Little Growth

Category: Corporate Wellness

According to a survey from Fidelity Investments and the National Business Group on Health, 44% of companies nationwide had outcomes-based wellness programs in 2015.  However, this percentage rose only a “statistically irrelevant” 2% from the year prior, which is a large and, for some, unexpected slowdown in the proliferation of these types of wellness programs…. Read more »

Who Are The 15% Of Americans That Don’t Use The Internet?

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For many of us, it is easy to think that everyone has access to and uses the internet.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  Thankfully, a Pew Research Center survey helps identify which demographic variables, including age, educational attainment, household income, race and ethnicity, and community type, are associated with a lack of internet use…. Read more »

Coaching + Activity Tracker = 86% Motivated To Be Active

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Cigna recently released the results from a March 2014 controlled trial designed to study the impact health coaching and activity tracking can have on health.  According to the randomized control trial of patients who were pre-diabetic and morbidly obese, 86% of people who received health coaching and tracked their health with a device were motivated… Read more »

Study: Happy Employees Are 12% More Productive

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New research from the University of Warwick suggests that happiness makes employees more productive at work.  12% more productive to be exact, and unhappy employees proved to be 10% less productive.  The research team of economists put it best, “We find that human happiness has large and positive causal effects on productivity. Positive emotions appear… Read more »

21% Of U.S. Online Adults Use Wearable Device, 36% Use Fitbit

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No one questions the explosive adoption of wearable devices across the U.S.  We see it through ourselves, our friends, and our colleagues.  We also see it in numerous bodies of research, including a new report from Forrester that provides granular data on wearable adoption by age groups and market share by device. According to the… Read more »