Q2 Wearable Shipments: Fitbit (24%), Apple (20%), And Xiaomi (17%) Lead Pack

Category: Facts and Research

According to a new report from IDC, the Apple Watch is now the number two wearable coming in just behind market leader Fitbit during the second quarter of 2015.  Apple shipped a total of 3.6 million units in Q2 2015, just 0.8 million units behind Fitbit’s 4.4 million units.  Total shipment volume for the quarter… Read more »

Where Do Good Wellness Programs Come From?

Category: Corporate Wellness

We see lots of articles, blog posts, and lists about the things great companies do to launch great wellness programs.  Often, suggestions include things that happen during a wellness program and rarely touch on the things that must happen before a program is ever launched that, in many ways, are more influential in determining a… Read more »

Exercise Apps Associated With Lower BMI, More Activity

Category: Facts and Research

A study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research determined that “exercise app users are more likely to exercise during their leisure time, compared to those who do not use exercise apps, essentially fulfilling the role that many of these apps were designed to accomplish.  Data also suggest that one way that exercise apps… Read more »

Sustainable Engagement In Employee Wellness Challenges

Category: Facts and Research

Imagine two colleagues enroll in their company’s employee wellness step challenge.  At the beginning of the one-month challenge, the two colleagues will share ideas on how to sneak steps in throughout the day.  They cheer each other on to take the stairs and go for walks around the building.  During the first two weeks, collaboration… Read more »

59% Of Employees Likely To Accept A Job With Slightly Lower Pay But Better Benefits

Category: Facts and Research

A new study from Alfac shows that benefits continue to be a critical tool for employee recruitment and retention.  Specifically, the study revealed that 59% of workers at small companies are at least somewhat likely to accept a job with slightly lower pay but better benefits.  Also, 49% of small-business employees who somewhat agree they’ll… Read more »

7 Keys To A Great Wellness Challenge

Category: Corporate Wellness

Wellness challenges are great ways to engage and motivate employees to increase their physical activity, improve their nutrition, get more sleep, or make other meaningful changes to their health and well-being.  Furthermore, wellness challenges provide employers with opportunities to blend employee health initiatives with team and culture building within an organization.  Unlike biometric screenings, health… Read more »

It’s Hard To Win A Championship Without (Wellness) Champions

Category: Corporate Wellness

If you take a look at some of the great wellness programs, there will be numerous common themes in all of them, including wellness champions.  These award winning organizations (Healthiest Employers, Best Places To Work, etc.) recognize that wellness is hard and champions ease that burden; if it were easy, obesity, chronic conditions, and out-of-control… Read more »

WedMD’s Earnings Call Teaches Us About Health Content Today

Category: Mobile Wellness

During its recent earnings call, WebMD outlined its strategy that focuses on bringing content beyond its home website to social media as users continue to flock to mobile.  According to David Schlanger, WebMD’s CEO, “In the digital ecosystem it’s become clear that people are using social platforms as means to do more than just connect… Read more »

The Hidden Costs Of Wellness Spreadsheets

Category: Corporate Wellness

We love Google Docs and Excel as much as the next group, but at some point, organizations need to realize that these technologies, which have historically made us more efficient, cause us to think that they will make everything we do more efficient.  The examples of this false expectancy are evident in numerous areas, including… Read more »