Insights From Wearable Device Sleep Data

Category: Facts and Research

Employee sleep quality has a real economic impact on the bottom line.  Research showcased from the National Institute of Health highlights poor sleep increases the risk of obesity and diabetes, hypertension, and heart diseases, and the National Sleep Foundation estimates that sleep disorders cost the economy more than $100 billion dollars per year, a burden… Read more »

Texas Law Limits Corporate Wellness Program Liability

Category: Regulatory

A law signed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott will provide limitation on liability for employers who establish and maintain employee wellness programs.  Recognizing the adverse impact wellness compliance uncertainty is having on corporate wellness adoption, the Texas legislature passed H.B. 2390, which will prohibit civil liability for the establishment of an employee wellness program unless… Read more »

5 Wellness Program Awards Worth Winning

Category: Corporate Wellness

Building an employee wellness program has its challenges, and when done well, recognition should be given.  Part of creating a culture of wellness requires awareness and support from both employees and leadership so it’s only natural that companies seek out public recognition for having successful employee wellness programs. After you build out your amazing wellness… Read more »

Misfit Launches $20 Activity Tracker

Category: Mobile Wellness

Last week Misfit announced a new affordable wearable device called Misfit Flash Link, which will be priced at $19.99 and will go on sale later this quarter in retail locations globally.  The older Flash and the high-end Misfit Shine are getting price cuts today as well.  The Flash is now $29.99 and the Shine is… Read more »

Study: More Than 2/3 Of U.S. Employers Offer Wellness Programs

Category: Corporate Wellness

According to a new report from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), more than 2/3 of U.S. employers offer wellness programs as part of their benefits packages.  The report found that 70% of U.S. employers currently offer a general wellness program, up from 58% in 2008.  An additional 8% of employers plan to offer… Read more »

Jawbone UP4 Integrates Payments, Boon For Wellness

Category: Mobile Wellness

Meet Jawbone’s new wearable tracker: UP4.  It does everything the UP3 does, and you can buy things with it.  Jawbone exclusively partnered with American Express allowing the UP4 to act as a payment card at hundreds of thousands of NFC-enabled merchants around the country.  According to the press release, the “partnership and product launch marks the… Read more »

More Proof Wellness Screenings Do Not Work

Category: Facts and Research

Screenings continue to be the child that never moves out of the house for the employer wellness industry.  Despite numerous studies questioning the efficacy of screenings as a tool to manage healthcare expenses, these programs refuse to leave (largely because so many people profit from them).  Now there is a new study, albeit focused on… Read more »

Fitbit Strides On Despite Apple Watch Launch

Category: Mobile Wellness

According to an analysis by Slice Intelligence, Fitbit sales were not significantly impacted by the launch of the Apple Watch in April.  With 68% market share, Fitbit saw a resurgence of sales with the January launch of its Charge HR, a device that added a heart-rate monitor and sleep tracking capabilities to Fitbit, and took… Read more »

Study: Economists Explain How To Make Gym Commitments Stick

Category: Rewards and Incentives

On average, people estimate that they’ll go to the gym they belong to more than twice as often in a month than they actually do.  To counteract these tendencies to underutilize the gym, economists have a solution that alters the incentive equation.  Knowing that people are really bad at prioritizing long-term benefits, economists recommend signing… Read more »