EEOC Update: When Does Employee Wellness Go Too Far?

Category: Regulatory

Ever since the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed lawsuits against Honeywell and other companies for having wellness programs that violate the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other federal regulations, employers have been demanding guidance on what constitutes a voluntary and compliant program.  This call for clarity continues to advance with the June 19… Read more »

Biometric Screenings Stay Alive Despite Evidence

Category: Facts and Research

There is no shortage of publications, studies, and opinions recommending annual physicals be eliminated as a staple of preventative care and wellness.  In fact, the Society for General Internal Medicine even put annual physicals on a list of things doctors should avoid for healthy adults.  Despite randomized trials going back to the 1980s not supporting it,… Read more »

Survey: Lack Of Time, Inconvenience Hinder Wellness Engagement

Category: Facts and Research

A recent survey of 1,200 consumers sought to identify the barriers to participation in wellness programs, and the responses were no big surprise.  Yet, wellness program designers, administrators, and vendors continue to roll out solutions counter to what employees want and wonder why engagement stays in neutral. The results of the survey show that lack… Read more »

Wearable Fitness Companies Compete, Employers Win

Category: Mobile Wellness

This just in: wearable fitness companies are in a race to grab market share and are spending big dollars on advertising!  According to a Kantar Media report, wearable activity tracker companies are spending millions of dollars on advertising to consumers.  Fitbit led the way with $21.6 million in 2014, and Garmin was close behind, spending… Read more »

Time Spent In Apps Up 63%

Category: Facts and Research

According to new data from Nielsen, the average smartphone user in the U.S. spent 37 hours and 28 minutes in apps every month, which is an increase of 63% over the past two years.  Despite having millions to apps to choose from, the average users engaged in 26.7 apps per month, which remained roughly flat… Read more »

The Secret History Behind The 10,000 Steps Per Day Myth

Category: Wellness

If someone asked you how many steps per day you should take to be healthy, what would you say?  Most people would think your answer would be 10,000 steps per day because that is what they would say, the amount often recommended on the internet, and the default daily goal on their Fitbit.  But is… Read more »

57% Of Employers Have Wellness Program, 31% In Process

Category: Facts and Research

Employee Benefit News’s most recent wellness survey provides some interesting insights on the future of wellness.  Most notably, the survey shows that employers are not deterred by the recent lawsuits questioning the legality of wellness programs.  Based on responses from 247 benefits decision-makers, “57% currently have a wellness program, and another 31% are either thinking… Read more »

Crossing The Wellness Reward Divide

Category: Rewards and Incentives

Rewards and incentives often create challenges to finding budget for wellness programs because they often comprise a large component of the total expenses.  In a fairy tale world, wellness administrators would always be able to sell executives on funding incentives that drive successful programs.  Since none of us live in the same neighborhood as Cinderella, employers must… Read more »

79% Of Americans Willing To Use Wearable Devices To Manage Health

Category: Facts and Research

According to the 5th Annual “Pulse of Online Health” survey published by Makovsky and Kelton, 79% of Americans would be willing to use a wearable device to manage their health and 66% would be willing to use a mobile app to manage their health.  The survey also dug deeper into top interests when downloading and… Read more »