Apple Health And Corporate Wellness

Category: Mobile Wellness

Two of the most common questions we are asked at Wellable are whether or not Apple Health is a game changer for corporate wellness and if Wellable integrates with Apple Health.  In regard to the latter, the answer is yes; users can have the step data from their Apple Health app automatically sync with their… Read more »

4 Steps To Sell Wellness To Executives

Category: Corporate Wellness

The desire for corporate wellness programs by employees is incredibly high as evidenced by wellness and fitness programs being the most requested digital engagement software.  Despite this desire, employees often find their employer disinterested in wellness.  Try these few helpful tips below to “sell” wellness to your executives and get your wellness program started. Show… Read more »

Corporate Wellness Rewards: Carrot Or Stick?

Category: Rewards and Incentives

Determining proper reward and incentive structures in wellness programs has always been a challenge for employers.  Most commonly, the discussion circles around whether or not corporate wellness programs can deliver better results with the carrot or the stick – the carrot being a reward for engaging in healthy behaviors and the stick serving as a… Read more »

Analysis: Do 70% Of Fitbit Users Churn In Less Than 12 Months?

Category: Mobile Wellness

With Fitbit recently filing for its initial public offering, a significant amount of data about Fitbit and the consumer wearable market is finally available to the public.  As the widely recognized leader in the wearable tracker market, Fitbit’s success and challenges can be seen as reflective of the market as whole.  A review of the public… Read more »

Study: Digital Health Tools Significantly Reduce Cardiovascular Risk

Category: Facts and Research

According a recent study of studies from the Mayo Clinic, the use of health-related smartphone apps, text-message reminders, and other digital technologies significantly reduced recurrences of heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular illnesses.  Specifically, the use of these technologies was associated with a significant 1.24% reduction in patients’ Framingham risk score, which estimates the 10-year… Read more »

Are Our Jobs Making Us Fat?

Category: Corporate Wellness

The growing obesity problem continues to raise concerns in the workplace.  According to a 2015 CareerBuilder’s survey, 57% of U.S. workers indicated they feel overweight, compared to 55% in 2014.  Perhaps more importantly, 42% of workers say they’ve gained weight in their present job, while only 16% say they’ve lost weight.  22% say the weight… Read more »

Survey: Manager Well-being Linked To Employee Engagement And Retention

Category: Engagement

Retaining quality managers is a top priority for every organization, and research has consistently found that engaged managers are significantly less likely to leave companies than their actively disengaged counterparts.  As a result, new research from Gallup makes a strong case for making manager and employee well-being a top priority within leading organizations.  According to… Read more »