Research Reveals Biggest Employee Productivity Killers

January 26, 2015

New research from Cornerstone OnDemand and Kelton identifies work overload to be biggest hindrance to employee productivity and finds wearable technology and flexible schedules may be the best solutions.  There are a number of key findings in the survey, including the emergence of what Cornerstone OnDemand labels as The Quantified Employee, which is the rise of wearable health and wellness technology in the workplace.

“Eight in ten full-time employees would be motivated to use company-provided wearable tech that allows employers to track their health and wellness data. Some would be enticed to do this in exchange for benefits such as extra 5 percent end-of-year bonuses (67 percent), reduced health insurance premiums (57 percent) or discounts to exercise programs (36 percent). Nearly the same amount of employees (76 percent) would be willing to do the same for wearable tech that tracks job performance and productivity. In exchange, respondents would be open to receiving and extra vacation day for each month’s data (54 percent), a flexible and remote work schedule (46 percent) or a work week reduced by 5 percent (41 percent).”



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