Leading CEOs Take Actions to Address Nation’s Health Challenges

October 01, 2014

Recently, a group of nine chief executives from some of the nation’s largest companies and the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) came together to share best practices and make commitments to improve health and health care. Members of the CEO Council on Health and Innovation employ more than 1 million people and provide health care coverage for 150 million individuals in the United States.


The formation and commitments of this group highlight the importance wellness should play in the C-suite of companies across the country. This commitment to wellness shows the strategic value of wellness programs, which goes beyond just lower medical expenses and higher productivity. “The CEO Council believes that the health of the nation is vital to maintaining American competitiveness in the global marketplace today and for the next generation.” The group recognizes that the success of their businesses relies heavily on the talent of their employees, and wellness programs help attract and retain top talent.

We believe that a broader appreciation for the benefits of wellness will help make these programs more prevalent in all types of companies, and the work of the CEO Council will help make this a reality.

Topics: Corporate Wellness

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