Fitbit’s New Product Line and the Importance of BYOD Wellness

Category: Mobile Wellness

We recently tweeted about leaked photos and marketing materials for a new line of Fitbit activity trackers.  There is no longer a need to speculate because Fitbit officially released its new line of products – the Charge, Charge HR, and Surge.  In addition to measuring steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, and sleep, all three… Read more »

Wearable Market Outpacing Tablet Adoption

Category: Facts and Research

A new report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) provides valuable insights into the future of wearable technologies, which includes fitness bands like Fitbit and Jawbone UP. Specifically, one of the key insights is that adoption rates for wearables is slightly outpacing adoption rates for tablets. As more individuals utilize these technologies, the case for an aggregation platform that… Read more »

The Great Unbundling – The Case For The Multi-App Platform

Category: Mobile Wellness

“Mobile usage is meant to be fast and focused.” A recent blog post by Joe Johnston articulates why mobile apps should and will continue to unbundle rather than overload experiences that go beyond what they should.  This is most evident with apps like Instagram and Messenger that remain independent of Facebook.  These apps are focused,… Read more »

Connecting The Dots Between Wellness and Mental Health

Category: Facts and Research

Organizations continue to prioritize the mental health of their employees. During several recent conversations about employee mental health, Wellable realized that few people knew about the connection that exercise and obesity have with depression. Below are a few statistics that should help in highlighting the connection and put greater emphasis on physical activity and nutrition improvements as solutions… Read more »

Successful Wellness Programs Are Like Pies

Category: Corporate Wellness

An article last week in Employee Benefit News about the effectiveness of gamification in long-term behavior change had the Wellable office abuzz. “The researchers downloaded and tested 132 [wellness gamification] apps, many of which focused on friendly competition between peers and coworkers to maintain an exercise routine, or provide weight-loss rewards. Their conclusion: There’s no… Read more »

Survey: Consumers See Benefit of Health Data Aggregators

Category: Facts and Research

Wellable’s wellness philosophy embraces healthcare consumerism at it’s core. This means that consumers should see value in the wellness technologies they utilize without incentives, and incentives should serve as a way to drive additional engagement. A recent survey from the Manhattan Reasearch Group further validates the value of data aggregators like Wellable. “About 30% of consumers are interested in using… Read more »

Meet People Where They Are

Category: Corporate Wellness

At the MedCity ENGAGE Conference last week, Brad Kirkpatrick, the President of the employer and government market at Healthways, Inc., “made a point that I haven’t heard in a discussion about corporate wellness programs. He said that companies have to build consumer-grade solutions that people value and that meets them where they are at that… Read more »

Wellable Featured In ZDNet

Category: Wellable News

ZDNet featured Wellable in an article about wellness for SMBs.  Click here to read the full article.  

The 4 C’s Of Employee Wellness Success

Category: Corporate Wellness

This post first appeared in the AllBusiness Do you have an employee wellness program in place but your employee participation is lacking? It’s likely that your wellness program is failing because you haven’t followed the four C’s of employee wellness success: Committee, Champion, Chief Support, and Communication. Following the four C’s is crucial to driving sustainable employee wellness… Read more »

Leading CEOs Take Actions to Address Nation’s Health Challenges

Category: Corporate Wellness

Recently, a group of nine chief executives from some of the nation’s largest companies and the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) came together to share best practices and make commitments to improve health and health care. Members of the CEO Council on Health and Innovation employ more than 1 million people and provide health care coverage… Read more »