What Is Mobile Wellness and Why Does It Matter?

Category: Mobile Wellness

You’ve heard about mobile wellness, maybe you use mobile wellness – but what exactly is mobile wellness and more importantly, why is it important? Along with what seems like every industry, the wellness industry has gone mobile and it’s done so in a major way. Over the past few years, mobile wellness technology has gone… Read more »

Health App Engagement Outpacing Industry Average, Driven By Older Users

Category: Facts and Research

Health and wellness app engagement is increasing rapidly and far outpacing the industry average. There has been a 62% increase in usage of health and fitness apps over the past six months compared to a 33% increase in usage across the entire app industry.   Looking at age distribution, engaged health and fitness app users… Read more »

Manual Entry Wellness Is So 1999

Category: Corporate Wellness

Corporate steps challenges are popular summer wellness activities.  For a period of time, employees track their daily steps and compete as individuals and teams to see who can walk the most, often to win prizes provided by the employer.  There are a number of ways to administer a step challenge – many employers self-administer using… Read more »

Wellness Advocates vs. Administrators And What This Means For HR

Category: Corporate Wellness

What type of ongoing involvement should the HR team have during a wellness program? Prior to the launch of a wellness program, the HR team’s role is generally pretty clear – help source, diligence, and (sometimes with the help of a vendor or consultant) implement a wellness program.  After a wellness programs starts, the HR… Read more »

Long-Haul Truckers: Mobile Wellness for Mobile Workers

Category: Mobile Wellness

This post first appeared in the Huffington Post The news that beloved actor and comedian Tracy Morgan was hit by a commercial truck and suffered horrific injuries sent shockwaves through the country. The news that the driver of the truck may have been driving for too many hours was just as shocking. And why would it not? Many… Read more »

3 Tips To Encourage Employee Wellness Chatter

Category: Engagement

“Do you want to walk outside for our 2pm meeting?” “How many points does your team have for the August competition, we were in fourth place last time I checked?” “Have you tried the 8am spinning class at Equinox?” It’s a good sign if your employees are talking and asking about wellness at work –… Read more »