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Last week we launched a Wellable program with Boston-based technology company, Veson Nautical.  Veson is taking their annual employee wellness program, the Veson Olymics, to a new level with the addition of Wellable.  Over the course of the Olympics, which involve various team and individual-based health and fitness activities and challenges, Veson will utilize Wellable’s technology solution to promote employee engagement.

As part of the Wellable program, Veson Nautical employees will be able to use Fitbit devices and other mobile technology like the RunKeeper app to engage in the Olympics.  With the addition of Wellable’s automated administration tools, the Veson team will no longer need to manually track progress through spreadsheets and emails, as they had done with past fitness challenges.

Participants from Veson’s global offices in Boston, London, and Singapore will participate in the Olympics, and have an opportunity to win prizes.

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