Curating And Connecting Consumer Wellness

Category: Mobile Wellness

Old bulky wellness portals have been replaced by easy-to-use, high-engagement consumer wellness technology.  Employees are using wellness technology in their personal lives and corporate wellness programs are embracing consumer-oriented technology to provide an improved wellness experience for employees.  Incorporating wellness mobile apps like RunKeeper and wearable technology like Fitbit into an employee wellness program sounds… Read more »

Throw Your Wellness Spreadsheet Away

Category: Corporate Wellness

Many employers still track wellness programs using spreadsheets, emails, and other manual tools.  While the effort is commendable, there is a better way to manage a wellness program.  This better way involves leveraging a technology tool to automate wellness tracking.  If you think a wellness technology tool is complicated, expensive, or time consuming for your… Read more »

Veson Enhances Employee Olympics With Wellable Technology

Category: Wellable News

Last week we launched a Wellable program with Boston-based technology company, Veson Nautical.  Veson is taking their annual employee wellness program, the Veson Olymics, to a new level with the addition of Wellable.  Over the course of the Olympics, which involve various team and individual-based health and fitness activities and challenges, Veson will utilize Wellable’s… Read more »

Wellness On A Shoestring

Category: Corporate Wellness

If your company wants to promote wellness but is held back because of budgetary constraints, than this post is for you. While many companies are able to devote significant resources to wellness initiatives, other companies don’t have the budget to promote wellness, or so they think… Wellness comes in all shapes, sizes, and costs.  In… Read more »