Introducing The 2014 Wellable Agency Challenge

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The corporate challenge has gone mobile! Calling all media, PR, marketing, and advertising agencies    For one month this summer, Wellable will be hosting a mobile wellness challenge exclusively for media agencies. What’s a mobile wellness challenge? Mobile wellness means using mobile technology (like apps and wearable devices) to engage in healthy activity.  A mobile… Read more »

Make Your Wellness Program Multi-Generation-Friendly

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Generations are colliding in the workplace.  Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers are all represented in today’s employee population.  Until Generation X and Baby Boomers fully exit the workforce, employers are tasked with finding a way to create work environments that are multi-generation-friendly.  Employers are using wellness programs to shape corporate culture, and like other… Read more »

Wisconsin’s Healthy Jobs Act

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Last Thursday, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, signed the Healthy Jobs Act, putting in place state funding for worksite wellness program grants. The Healthy Jobs Act is an example of bi-partisan legislation aimed at promoting private sector employee wellness.  The bill provides grant money “equal to 30 percent of the amount that an employer pays in… Read more »

We Moved!

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Wellable Headquarters has moved from Boston’s Back Bay to the Financial District.  Check out our new home! x

What’s Trending In The Workplace

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80% of Americans work at jobs that are sedentary or require only light physical activity.  In a previous post we talked about the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle and urged company leaders to promote walking meetings as a way to get employees moving throughout the day. An alternative (or a supplement) to walking meetings… Read more »

Attracting The Young Invincibles

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The young adult population (a.k.a., the young invincibles), is considered crucial to the Accountable Care Act’s overall success.  According to CBS, “If enough young people decide not to buy insurance through state or federal marketplaces, it could throw off the market’s equilibrium and cause insurance rates to rise dramatically the following year.”  The Washington Post… Read more »

Wellable Featured In Desert Health News

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Wellable’s work with the Coachella Valley Health Collaborative was featured in the latest addition of Desert Health News.  Check out the full article here.