Wellable Joins PayPal’s Start Tank

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We are excited to announce that Wellable is one of 14 companies joining PayPal’s Start Tank program. Check out the full article in The Boston Globe.

Putting The Person At The Center Of Wellness

Category: Engagement

In a recent article that appeared in The Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health titled, “Incentives to Shape Health Behaviors: How Can We Make Them More Person-Centered?”, the authors address the importance of making wellness incentives relevant and appealing to each person.  The authors claim that taking a person-centered approach and offering a range of wellness… Read more »

Wellable Powers The Coachella Valley Health Collaborative

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Wellable is excited to announce that the Coachella Valley Health Collaborative’s 2014 Healthy Lifestyle Challenge will be powered by Wellable’s mobile wellness platform.  Businesses, non-profits, healthcare providers, schools, and other organizations in the local community will be forming teams to compete in a community-wide Wellable challenge. This marks an important step forward in Wellable’s mission… Read more »

The Cure For The Common Corporate Wellness Program Needs A Second Opinion

Category: Mobile Wellness

In a recent blog post titled, “The Cure for the Common Corporate Wellness Program,” authors Al Lewis and Vik Khanna detail issues they believe are pervading common corporate wellness programs.  While aspects of their attack on the wellness industry are certainly warranted, their analysis would benefit from a broader treatment of the wellness industry. Specifically,… Read more »

The Sitting Epidemic

Category: Corporate Wellness

Last week, we wrote about the productivity benefits of wellness and stressed the need for ALL company leaders (not just the HR team) to champion employee wellness as part of an employee productivity strategy.  Today, we are focusing on a simple way that company leaders can increase productivity through promoting employee wellness – with walking… Read more »

Healthy Employees Are Productive Employees

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Employers often focus on improving employee productivity by providing office resources that help employees do their jobs more efficiently.  Employees receive new smartphones and other technology tools to help improve the speed of their work.  Free lunches are brought into the office and onsite childcare facilities are offered to keep employees in the office and… Read more »