The Benefits Of Verified Wellness Data For Employers

Category: Corporate Wellness

There are two types of employee wellness data: verified and manual entry.  Verified data is the output that results from using a wellness technology product like a smartphone app or wearable device.  Verified data seamlessly flows from the app or wearable device directly to the wellness platform, and the tracker confirms that an activity has… Read more »

The Consumers Have Spoken…And Employers Should Listen

Category: Corporate Wellness

Mobile health is here to stay. The mobile health market has and continues to see tremendous growth.  If you didn’t receive a Fitbit or Jawbone this holiday season, chances are you know someone who did.  Do you have RunKeeper on your phone?  How about MyFitnessPal? In the event you haven’t hopped on the mobile health… Read more »

How Fit Is Fitbit?

Category: Corporate Wellness

Fitbit, Wellable’s device partner, remains the leader in wellness wearable devices with strong 2013 sales and market share numbers.  According to a recently released report, “Fitbit shipped 67 percent of all activity tracking devices in 2013.” This is impressive given the increase in the number of wearable devices options available in the market this past… Read more »

Can Wearing Yoga Pants To Work Help Promote Wellness?

Category: Corporate Wellness

In her Washington Post column, Vicky Hallett makes the pitch for allowing employees to wear workout clothes once a week, aptly named: Workout Wear Friday.  She argues, “People in fitness gear are more likely to exercise — or at least to think about it.” Workout Wear Friday can be part of company’s wellness program and… Read more »

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

Category: Wellness

Happy New Year from the Wellable Team! We’ve had a great 2013 at Wellable and look forward to all the exciting things ahead in 2014. For many Americans, January 1st presents an opportunity, the chance to improve ourselves.  It’s little surprise that some of the most common New Year’s resolutions are wellness related.  According to… Read more »