Resource Light Wellness

December 25, 2013

Compensation and benefits, employee training and development, recruitment, employee relations, wellness programing, and building culture are on a human resources team’s list of responsibilities.  At larger companies, these responsibilities are divided across a team or even teams of people.  At smaller companies, this list often sits with one person.

Finding the internal resources to support a new wellness program can be a challenge, particularly for smaller employers with a limited human resources team.

crystal lightFor smaller employers, wellness needs to be light – resource light, not content, engagement, or results light.

Wellness always needs to have internal support (senior leadership support is essential), but the actual heavy lifting of the wellness program can be managed externally and require few, if any, internal HR resources.

Some wellness technology providers offer an end-to-end solution that includes everything from program onboarding and employee communication to troubleshooting and support.  These solutions are resource light; they allow employers to provide a robust wellness program without straining HR team bandwidth.

With resource light solutions, no company is too early for employee wellness.

It’s time for all small companies to start building a culture of health and wellness!

Topics: Corporate Wellness

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