Resource Light Wellness

Category: Corporate Wellness

Compensation and benefits, employee training and development, recruitment, employee relations, wellness programing, and building culture are on a human resources team’s list of responsibilities.  At larger companies, these responsibilities are divided across a team or even teams of people.  At smaller companies, this list often sits with one person. Finding the internal resources to support… Read more »

What Do Your Smartphone And Your Health Insurer Have In Common?

Category: Mobile Wellness

This post first appeared in the Huffington Post Stop for a moment and take a look at how you’re reading this article. If you’re like 56% of Americans, you’re probably reading it on your smartphone. And let’s face it—that smartphone goes with your everywhere and helps you with just about everything, from monitoring your social… Read more »

The Case For The Popular App

Category: Engagement

There are over 40,000 health and wellness mobile apps available.  Navigating the health and wellness app market is a daunting task for a consumer, let alone an employer looking to use mobile app technology as part of an employee wellness program. Wellable recognizes that finding the right apps to include in an employee wellness program… Read more »

Employee Rewards Season Is Here

Category: Rewards and Incentives

The holiday season is here and with it comes employee rewards season.  Rewarding employees with bonuses for their work performance or hosting a holiday party are fairly common rewards this time of year.  Rewarding employees for healthy behavior is also growing in popularity. Through wellness programs, employers can provide financial and non-financial rewards to employees… Read more »