Is Vine Part Of Your Wellness Program?

September 25, 2013

Wellable loves using Vine.  For those unfamiliar with Vine, think of it as Twitter with video.  With Vine, you can easily create and share short (~6 second) video clips from your smartphone.

Vine videos are interesting, concise, and fun.

Wellable uses Vine to connect with employer clients in interesting and unique ways.  The below video was sent to a few Wellable clients last week.

Watch “Is Wellable on your Fall To Do List?”

Many of the same marketing and public relations tools and strategies used to promote a business can also be used to drive employee engagement in a wellness program. Vine is a great way to quickly share a message, send a reminder, and catch your employee’s attention.

Are you using Vine as part of your wellness program?  Tell us how @GetWellable.

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