Is Vine Part Of Your Wellness Program?

Category: Wellness

Wellable loves using Vine.  For those unfamiliar with Vine, think of it as Twitter with video.  With Vine, you can easily create and share short (~6 second) video clips from your smartphone. Vine videos are interesting, concise, and fun. Wellable uses Vine to connect with employer clients in interesting and unique ways.  The below video… Read more »

Apple’s Big Wellness Announcement

Category: Mobile Wellness

On Tuesday September 10th, Apple made its most significant health and wellness announcement to date.  If you keep up with mhealth (mobile health) news, you’ve probably read plenty on Apple’s M7 processor.  If you’re not an mhealth news junkie, then you may have missed the significance of Apple’s M7 announcement and it’s impact on the… Read more »

Interface, Experience, And Convenience Drive Wellness Engagement

Category: Engagement

The engineers behind the next generation of technology-powered smart cars know what their consumers demand: a high level of innovation in interface, experience and convenience. Why should wellness solution providers, who handle our most precious commodity – our health – be any less cutting-edge? Veronica Combs wrote an article titled, “What the Car Industry Can… Read more »

Putting The Mobile Wellness Puzzle Together

Category: Mobile Wellness

In a recent article titled, “Why Can’t All My Sensors Get Along?” Michael Essany highlights the lack of meaningful connectivity among mobile wellness apps and devices.  Essany argues that while health and wellness resources are available, they are fragmented, live in their own bubble, and have yet to be connected to provide a holistic wellness… Read more »