Building A Health And Wellness Ecosystem

August 07, 2013

Monday: You run 3 miles during lunch
Tuesday: You bike 2 miles to work instead of taking the bus
Wednesday: You read an article about the benefits of sleep
Thursday: You go to bed an hour earlier than normal
Friday: You opt for a spinach salad instead of a hamburger for lunch
Saturday: You refill your blood pressure medication at CVS
Sunday: You use coupons to buy locally grown avocados at Whole Foods

Your life is full of fragmented health and wellness decisions and activities.  Connecting these activities and making sense of them is a challenge.  With the help of innovative new technology, connecting these fragments in a meaningful way is now possible.

Wellable has built a technology platform that allows users to seamlessly connect fragmented health and wellness activities, decisions, and behaviors.

We call this an individual health and wellness ecosystem.UntitledThrough a platform that integrates with mobile apps, users can engage in, track, and improve health and wellness behavior across multiple apps.  Each user has a unique mobile wellness experience that is customized based on the user’s health and wellness needs and behaviors.

Ask us how Wellable can help build a health and wellness ecosystem for your employees.

Topics: Mobile Wellness

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