How Can We Make Americans Healthier?

Category: Wellness

Nick Patel from Wellable answers this question for the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association’s Make Americans Healthier Challenge. Nick discusses using mobile wellness to make prevention a priority and help keep Americans healthy.  Watch Wellable’s video to learn about the 6 key elements that make mobile wellness effective: Distribution Automated tracking High engagement Analytics Feedback… Read more »

Why Patient And Employee Wellness Programs Are Ideal For Hospitals

Category: Corporate Wellness

Wellness programs allow hospitals to improve the health and lower the medical expenses of their patient population as well as employers, including their own. With the emergence of the ACO model,hospitals will broaden their focus beyond just treating the sick to keeping people healthy by preventing expensive hospital visits.  With most of the resources for… Read more »

Use Mobile Wellness To Gain Market Share On Individual Exchanges

Category: Mobile Wellness

As a result of the Affordable Care Act, each state is required to have an insurance exchange or marketplace where individuals can purchase health insurance.  The rise of individual health insurance marketplaces presents an opportunity for insurers to capture a new market of previously uninsured individuals. With many insurers offering similar products on the insurance… Read more »

Building A Health And Wellness Ecosystem

Category: Mobile Wellness

Monday: You run 3 miles during lunch Tuesday: You bike 2 miles to work instead of taking the bus Wednesday: You read an article about the benefits of sleep Thursday: You go to bed an hour earlier than normal Friday: You opt for a spinach salad instead of a hamburger for lunch Saturday: You refill… Read more »