Does Your Doctor Prescribe Fresh Fruit?

Category: Wellness

Over 3.7 billion prescriptions are filled annually at US pharmacies.  Not included in this number are fresh produce prescriptions.  Yes, doctors are prescribing fresh produce. Last week, New York City officials debuted a fresh produce prescription program at two city hospitals, Lincoln Medical Center and Harlem Hospital.   The goal of the Fruit and Vegetable Prescription… Read more »

Wellness In Your Pocket

Category: Engagement

How many times did you check your smartphone today? A 2011 study shows that on average, users check their smartphones 34 times a day.  An updated study published in 2013 showed this number has now risen to an astonishing 150 times a day for the average user. We live in a society of 24/7 accessibility. … Read more »

The Growth Of Fitness App Downloads Will…

Category: Mobile Wellness

According to a new IHS Electronics and Media report, sports and fitness mobile app installations are expected to grow to 248 million in 2017, a 60% increase from 2012.  Assuming this growth occurs, there will be a number of important consequences.  Here are a few: Fitness Device and Accessory Market Growth: Some fitness apps require… Read more »

The Challenge of Administering Wellness To A Geographically Diverse Employee Base

Category: Corporate Wellness

Administering a wellness program to a multi-office corporation can be challenging.  Different offices may have different health and wellness needs.  Some offices are larger and have plentiful resources, while other small satellite offices may be more limited. Inevitably, there will be different resources available at different offices.  While it may be affordable to have an… Read more »

Paying For Pounds

Category: Rewards and Incentives

   Americans know health is important, in fact, we are reminded daily.  The American Heart Association symbol on the yellow Cheerios box, the Surgeon General’s warning on a pack of Marlboro cigarettes, Weight Watchers commercials, and six-pack abs gracing the front of Women’s Health magazine remind us of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Despite… Read more »